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I do like a good story

I discovered long ago that creative problem solving – no matter what form it takes – is pretty much the most enjoyable way to spend a day. I've built a career on inspiring, leading and cajoling agency and client teams with the belief that no matter how complicated or regulated the product or industry (talking to you healthcare and technology), it doesn't get a pass on big creativity. Throughout a 25-year career, my passion for human insights and insistence on “creative without caveats” has led to award-winning, business-building creativity for clients in healthcare, technology, fashion, financial services, and social causes.


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//  Have you ever had one of those ideas that you knew was brilliant but you just didn't have the words to bring it to life? Dave has those words. He has all the words. He will write a story that will make you believe. You won't be able to resist laughing or crying. And, that's just from reading it — just wait to see what happens when he presents.  //  
Leigh Householder, Managing Director of Innovation and Former Collaborator
// Fifteen years of knowing the guy, and I've never once caught Dave's idea engine in the off position. I'm pretty sure he doesn't have an off position. Just continuously humming along, generating, building... Early morning, late night, doesn't matter. In fact, I can hear it right now. How is that even possible? Scary. //
- Erik Slangerup, Author, Creative Director and Former Minion
// Dave is a fantastic partner who brings the rare combination of strategic acumen and breakthrough creative thinking.  Campaigns directed and created by Dave consistently drove meaningful behavior change and impact. //
- Tony Malik, VP, Managing Director, Closerlook
// David is the perfect balance of professional and friendly as well as knows when to push the creative envelope. David took the time and made extensive effort to understand our patient customer segments and that reflected in all the creative his team put forward. //
- Brett Harris-Stockman, Head of Marketing and Branding and Former Client
// I had to scheme, connive, and shenagle to keep Dave from taking my job all those years. His talent, and his talent for knowing talent, in both people and work, became real threats to my prized window office, and all the awards and trophies he and his teams amassed haunted and taunted me along the hallway to my work. //
Bruce Rooke, Chief Creative Guy and Former Mentor

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